Annual Report 2014

The past year at Beverley Baptist Church has been a tumultuous one with many changes; a new Leadership Team, members leaving, members arriving, baptisms, and the search for a new Minster commencing. However we have grown and matured as a fellowship and sought to make Jesus known as well as coming to know him better. There are many exciting things contained within this annual report which show how as a fellowship we seek to become an embodiment of Christ.

The 2014 Annual Report contains information produced by people who help lead small groups, outreach projects, people who pray and people who lead other projects. These are the ministries of our Church which comprise the body and the supporting ligaments that allow us to grow and build. By working and co-operating together (and with other churches) our prayer is that we grow closer to God, and reach the potential that God has put within us.

If you can’t see the full annual report below, you can click here to download it as a pdf.

Beverley Baptist Church Annual Report 2014